Detection of Planetary Transits across a Sun-like Star

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【作者】 David B. Charbonneau  Timothy M. Brown  David W. Latham  Michel Mayor 

【摘要】We report high-precision; high-cadence photometric measurements of the star HD 209458; which is known from radial velocity measurements to have a planetary-mass companion in a close orbit. We detect two separate transit events at times that are consistent with the radial velocity measurements. In both cases; the detailed shape of the transit curve due to both the limb darkening of the star and the finite size of the planet is clearly evident. Assuming stellar parameters of 1.1 R; and 1.1 M; we find that the data are best interpreted as a gas giant with a radius of in an orbit with an inclination of . We present values for the planetary 1.27 5 0.02 R 877.1 5 07.2 Jup surface gravity; escape velocity; and average density and discuss the numerous observations that are warranted now that a planet is known to transit the disk of its parent star. Subject headings: binaries: eclipsing — planetary systems — stars: individual (HD 209458) — techniques: photometric — techniques: radial velocities